Checking out and Locating Code for Bug240698

2:14 PM / Comments (0) / by Kevin Vu

The bug that I'm working on is related to the "save resource" dialog when editing server configuration (detail here). I've just located the code related to the bug successfully. Thanks to Mr. Angel Vera for his wonderful presentation and John Dang for his awesome "how to". At first, I missed the step where I actually have to check out the code first before doing the search. How silly was I trying to search without checking out :D. Spending almost 1h pulling my hair trying to figure out how come I got 0 result for all keywords I tried :( :D. Thank John for his how to. I read it again and figured out what I was missing. Anyway, I got the code at hand now. Starting the investigation ;).

The Procedures to locate the code:
1. Identify Bug's component: wst.server

2. Open CVS Repository Exploring Perspective

3. Expands "HEAD" -> Select and check out all items that begin with: org.eclipse.wst.server.* (19 items)

4. Search menu -> choose Search to search for "SaveResource".

5. Double click on the result to view the codes