Reproduce Eclipse WTP Bug240698 - Severity Normal - Priority P3

11:44 PM / Comments (1) / by Kevin Vu

After hours of searching, I finally decided to work on Bug240698


1. Run Eclipse WTP -> Change Perspective to JavaEE.

2. Right-Click on Server Tab -> New -> Server

3. Select Apache Tomcat 6.0 -> Click Next button

4. Browse to select your Tomcat Directory -> Click Finish

5. Press F3 to open Server editor

OR Right-Click on Tomcat Server -> Select Open

6. Make modification (change anything or just modify like below) BUT DO NOT SAVE

7. Right-Click on Tomcat Server -> Start

8. WTP prompt to Save Resource -> press No -> Dialog dismissed BUT REAPPEAR AGAIN (BUG) -> press No again -> Dialog permanently dismissed

Note: BUG doesn't occur if Yes or Cancel is pressed when Save Resource first prompt.

Observed: On the second prompt if Yes is pressed, modification will be saved.


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