MessageBox and the return values

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Good news for me since Peter Liu is looking into my bug :). His knowledge and experience is sure going to help speeding up the progress of this bug :). Anyway, This post is to answer his email and to clear up my first walk through a bit.

My first walk through ends at the saveALl() method which is belong to class: EditorManager.class (package: org.eclipse.ui.internal;)

Method: saveAll()
Package: org.eclipse.ui.internal

// Use a simpler dialog if there's only one
if (modelsToSave.size() == 1) {
Saveable model = (Saveable) modelsToSave.get(0);
String message = NLS.bind(WorkbenchMessages.EditorManager_saveChangesQuestion, model.getName());
// Show a dialog.
String[] buttons = new String[] { IDialogConstants.YES_LABEL, IDialogConstants.NO_LABEL, IDialogConstants.CANCEL_LABEL };
MessageDialog d = new MessageDialog(
shellProvider.getShell(), WorkbenchMessages.Save_Resource,
null, message, MessageDialog.QUESTION, buttons, 0);

int choice = SaveableHelper.testGetAutomatedResponse();
if (SaveableHelper.testGetAutomatedResponse() == SaveableHelper.USER_RESPONSE) {
choice =;

// Branch on the user choice.
// The choice id is based on the order of button labels
// above.
switch (choice) {
case ISaveablePart2.YES: // yes
case ISaveablePart2.NO: // no
return true;
case ISaveablePart2.CANCEL: // cancel
return false;

From the blocks of codes above:
MessageDialog d = new MessageDialog(...);
will define the Save Resource dialog
will display the dialog and get the return values when user click YES,NO,or CANCEL.


package org.eclipse.jface.dialogs;

public MessageDialog(Shell parentShell, String dialogTitle,
Image dialogTitleImage, String dialogMessage, int dialogImageType,
String[] dialogButtonLabels, int defaultIndex) {
this.title = dialogTitle;
this.titleImage = dialogTitleImage;
this.message = dialogMessage;

switch (dialogImageType) {
case ERROR: {
this.image = getErrorImage();
this.image = getInfoImage();
case QUESTION: {
this.image = getQuestionImage();
case WARNING: {
this.image = getWarningImage();
this.buttonLabels = dialogButtonLabels;
this.defaultButtonIndex = defaultIndex;


package org.eclipse.jface.window;

public int open() {

if (shell == null || shell.isDisposed()) {
shell = null;
// create the window

// limit the shell size to the display size

// open the window;

// run the event loop if specified
if (block) {

return returnCode;

The runEvenLoop(shell) will display and wait until user select one of the button (YES, NO, CANCEL).
The returnCode will return the value that user selected. I tried with YES, NO, CANCEL and the return values are:
YES: returnCode=0
NO: returnCode=1
CANCEL: returnCode=2

GO back to the saveAll() method.

switch (choice) {
case ISaveablePart2.YES: // yes
case ISaveablePart2.NO: // no
return true;
case ISaveablePart2.CANCEL: // cancel
return false;

choice will have the return value of open() method above.
If choice=YES, the saveAll() will process on and save all changes (code below), go back out, and server is launched with new configuration.
if choice is NO or CANCEL, saveAll() wont save and just return true or false, go back out, and server is launched with old configuration.

CODES THAT SAVE THE SERVER EDITOR belong to saveAll() method above.

// Create save block.
final List finalModels = modelsToSave;
IRunnableWithProgress progressOp = new IRunnableWithProgress() {
public void run(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
IProgressMonitor monitorWrap = new EventLoopProgressMonitor(
monitorWrap.beginTask("", finalModels.size()); //$NON-NLS-1$
for (Iterator i = finalModels.iterator(); i.hasNext();) {
Saveable model = (Saveable);
// handle case where this model got saved as a result of saving another
if (!model.isDirty()) {
SaveableHelper.doSaveModel(model, new SubProgressMonitor(monitorWrap, 1), shellProvider, closing || confirm);
if (monitorWrap.isCanceled()) {

// Do the save.
return SaveableHelper.runProgressMonitorOperation(
WorkbenchMessages.Save_All, progressOp, runnableContext, shellProvider);

Bug240698: Walkthrough - Part 1

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1/ Add new server
2/ Edit Server
3/ Start Server
4/ "Save Resource" prompts. Select "No".
BUG: "Save Resource" prompts again asking for saving changes again even though selected "No" => Wrong behavior (Supposed to prompt one)

Let start at the point when we start the server and walkthrough to the point of "Save Resource" prompts.

Class defines methods to start servers

Method: public static void start(IServer server, String launchMode, final Shell shell)
This method is to start the server. So let's set a breakpoint here and step into.

Notice the ServerUIPlugin.saveEditors(). Let's step into this method.

The server UI plugin class

Method: public static boolean saveEditors()

save dirty editors, if applicable
@return boolean - Returns false if the user cancelled the operation

Notice method "saveAllEditors". Let step into this method

III./ Workbench.class
primary responsability is the management of workbench windows, dialogs,
wizards, and other workbench-related windows.

Method: public boolean saveAllEditors(boolean confirm)
is to save all server editors

Notice method "EditorManager.saveAll". Let step into this method.

IV./ EditorManager.class
Manage a group of element editors. Prevent the creation of two editors on the same element.

Method: public static boolean saveAll
Saves the given dirty editors and views, optionally prompting the user.
@return true on success, false if the user canceled the save

Notice the red circle. This is where the first SaveResource dialog prompts for saving changes. User have 3 options:

YES: saveAll() method will process on and save all changes.
NO: saveAll() method will return TRUE
CANCEL: saveAll() method will return FALSE.

Eclipse WTP 3.1M5

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So I downloaded the lastest stable build of Eclipse WTP, bug240698 is still there (was hoping for a miracle :D). Anyway, let fix the thing! ...

What method is triggerred when select "Start" from server context menu?

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I'm trying to identify the method that is called when right-click on Tomcat server and select "Start". If anyone come across this method, could you please let me know the name of it? Thanks in advance!