Bug240698: Walkthrough - Part 1

10:35 AM / Comments (1) / by Kevin Vu

1/ Add new server
2/ Edit Server
3/ Start Server
4/ "Save Resource" prompts. Select "No".
BUG: "Save Resource" prompts again asking for saving changes again even though selected "No" => Wrong behavior (Supposed to prompt one)

Let start at the point when we start the server and walkthrough to the point of "Save Resource" prompts.

I./ StartAction.java
Class defines methods to start servers

Method: public static void start(IServer server, String launchMode, final Shell shell)
This method is to start the server. So let's set a breakpoint here and step into.

Notice the ServerUIPlugin.saveEditors(). Let's step into this method.

II./ ServerUIPlugin.java
The server UI plugin class

Method: public static boolean saveEditors()

save dirty editors, if applicable
@return boolean - Returns false if the user cancelled the operation

Notice method "saveAllEditors". Let step into this method

III./ Workbench.class
primary responsability is the management of workbench windows, dialogs,
wizards, and other workbench-related windows.

Method: public boolean saveAllEditors(boolean confirm)
is to save all server editors

Notice method "EditorManager.saveAll". Let step into this method.

IV./ EditorManager.class
Manage a group of element editors. Prevent the creation of two editors on the same element.

Method: public static boolean saveAll
Saves the given dirty editors and views, optionally prompting the user.
@return true on success, false if the user canceled the save

Notice the red circle. This is where the first SaveResource dialog prompts for saving changes. User have 3 options:

YES: saveAll() method will process on and save all changes.
NO: saveAll() method will return TRUE
CANCEL: saveAll() method will return FALSE.


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