Bug 264203 is fixed by Larry Issacs

5:10 PM / Comments (0) / by Kevin Vu

Larry posted his patch on bug zilla. I tested his patch and the bug is fixed. Although, he mentioned that he hasn't tested the patch on "publish after servers" scenarios and I'm not sure what does that term means to test it for him. Anyway, I posted a question regarding "publish after server" on newsgroup and will test these scenarios when I got a chance. Let hunt for another bug then.

Detail on patch: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/attachment.cgi?id=132132

Working on bug 264203

9:13 PM / Comments (0) / by Kevin Vu

Thanks to Tehereh, After reading her blog I tried again and this bug does exist. Though, the way to reproduce is clearer now: So the scenario is like this:

1. Add new server (Stop state)
2. Add a dynamic web app.
3. Add a jsp file.
4. right-click on jsp and choose “Run on server”.
5. Server starts.
6. Browser get launched
==> NO BUG

7. Stop the server and close the browser
8. right-click on the jsp and choose “Run on server” again
9. Browser doesn’t get launched.
==> BUG

10. Delete server
11. Add new server (Stop state)
12. right-click on jsp file and choose “Run on server” again
13. Browser get launched
==> NO BUG

So basically, After the first time "Run on Server" with no bug. If we stop the server and try to "Run On Server" again. The bug occurs.

I'll be working on this bug then.

First time "RUN ON SERVER" => NO BUG

The time after the first time "RUN ON SERVER" => BUG

Reproduce Bug 264203

8:38 AM / Comments (5) / by Kevin Vu

Bug 264203:
Steps To Reproduce from BugZilla:
1. Create a server (I tried tomcat 5.5 and the j2ee preview server)
2. Add a simple JSP file to the webcontent folder of a dynamic web project
3. Add the web project to the server.
4. Make sure the server is stopped
5. Right click on the JSP and select "run on server"
6. The server starts, but the web browser does not get launched.

1. Create a server (I tried with both Tomcat 5.5 and 6.0)
2. Add Web Project
3. Add JSP file
4. Run on Server
5. Server starts, web browser get launched => No bug

This bug is fixed for lastest build 3.1M6. I tried with both Tomcat 5.5 and 6.0. Notify and confirm this on Bugzilla

Some screenshots for reproduce steps: