Reproduce bug#: 149933

3:35 AM / Comments (0) / by Kevin Vu

Description: "Remember my decision" doesn't work for "Disable breakpoints" option in Run On Server dialog

1. Make sure the Java EE perspective is opened.

2. Add a new Tomcat server

3. Create a new Dynamic Project

4. Add a new JSP file

5. Add this line: <% out.println("Hello."); %> to the JSP and set a break point beside it

6. Start Server in Debug mode

7. Right-click on the JSP file and select "Run On Server"

8. Click Finish on the Run On Server Dialog

9. Select option: Disable Breakpoints and Continue and check on Remember my decision

10. Repeat step 7 and 8

The Run On Server Dialog appears again which is not expected since already checked on "Remember My Decision"

=> Expecting the JSP run with breakpoints disables